Chronicles of a Corrupted Childhood, Episode 6 – A Block

On this A-block, Steven follows up on May 19th’s episode where he got Pissed off on (Liz) Plank’s horrible column that if she had changed the paragraphs around, it wouldn’t be like another confusing read like For The Love of Men. Steven got so livid after seeing another Instagram Post around 7pm that night, he went onto his newsgathering Twitter account implying a very sarcastic hopelessness of him and the news industry and spooked one of the well-known Boston newsies (without intention for anyone to act, “Unexpected Attention”), and not only was this spook replied but retweeted! So is Liz Plank an Influencer? Well if your messaging on family planning is that bad, well perhaps she is! Orignally streamed at 9:10 pm ET on May 26th, 2022

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