Chronicles of a Corrupted Childhood, Episode 7 – B Block

Steven had kept a deep secret and was on the down-low for the 1st half of 2022 after the late 2021 discovery of a feminist that bills herself that “loves men”, Liz Plank.  Steven reads a 4,000 page post on The Hopeless Autistic about this long journey that lead to nothing. There was more to just a stereotypical pretty-face that happened to be an alleged male loving feminist. She actually had previous experiences with the “disability” population and still presently does. Just over a month after the discovery, she launched “The Dream Job Club” as a “soft launch”.  Sequentially Steven also ordered For the Love of Men and basically the book backfired my respect to men, where I tolerated less of them after reading the hobbled messaging. Nearly a month after reaching out to Ms. Plank, a podcast she co-hosts happened to be the topic of that episode where she opened up. Of that, a scheduled book review for the minifig all-news radio station had to go into 2 parts because of what I discovered… This is first of two parts with this individual as a topic. Originally Recorded June 11th, 2022


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