Chronicles of a Corrupted Childhood, Episode 7 – C Block

“She’s more than enough. How in the hell she can get away with writing the worst crap about herself on what I call is the LiveJournal with a selective paywall that is Substack? She has rights to the necklace Let Boys Cry, she also has an eyeglass line, she also is that “journalist”, a “CEO to Liz Plank Productions” (speaking about pretend CEOs, does she have a Corporate Governance…where is her Board of Directors to hold that said CEO accountable?) and a filmmaker.

What does Steven have? Theoretical skillsets of ENG videography, photography, and video editing; a failed content creator, VP of ops of a micro-me version of Game Creek Video; bit of a stronger knowledge on unified communications and overall enterprise Mac, Windows, Linux enterprise and writes like a journalist but no one really cares about his work. May I repeat that episode from Triple C: I AM NOT ENOUGH!”

If there is any perception of “lust” – it’s the lust of her privilege and power that I will never even have even being a biological male.

Only because I care about people way too much. Should I say this narrative was a “Mindful” Obsession About a Woman That Allegedly “loves men”? After that I am on my next 15 weeks of distractions and who knows in 30 years maybe I’ll get to my 1,001 last-bad-first-impression once and for all. Or I could be dead since autistics allegedly have short lifespans thanks to the idiots who make my life worse not better. What a smoke in mirrors experience this has been. If I ever run into someone like her again on my screens, I’ll immediately consult to this post to remind myself to not repeat insanity ever again. I have been so let down.

My last words are, I pour so much resources with no expectations of any gratification: I am posting this like no one will be reading this. Even Liz. ” – The Hopeless Autistic, June 3rd 2022. 

Listen to the rest of this podcast of “What did Liz Plank Do to You Personally to have Strong Opinions of her?” 15:00 in is where Steven’s personal bias finally gets disclosed! Originally Recorded June 11th, 2022

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