Talent Bios

Nicole Berucci

Nicole Berucci is BCOP Newsradio’s airborne traffic reporter in Chopper 990.  She joined BCOP-TV & Newsradio in 2015 for morning and afternoon drive time traffic reports and breaking news from the air. She had previously worked in other markets. She’s a home girl, raised in the Capital Region and attended UMINI Copenhagen for Broadcast Journalism.

Kristie Brickington

Kristie is BCOP Newsradio’s weeknight Traffic reporters, giving you traffic reports on the 8s. She had joined BCOP in 2022, with many years of local radio traffic reports. She has also previously worked with Shadow Traffic in Miniland and Copenhagen prior to.

Steven Clickford

Steven is the weeknight anchor for BCOP Newsradio, as well as our TechBeat contributor. He’s also a producer for Special Projects & Creative Services for BCOP-TV Channel 6. Steven has been no stranger to local news, has been on a number of stations before joining Copenhagen. Prior to joining news, he had worked in the public sector as well as the tech sector before being laid off and burning out of technology. His strong writing and ability to deliver local information like a first responder. He’s known for making sure people are informed as his signoffs are “Have an Informative Evening”

Jackie DiOgel

Jackie DiOgel is the weekday Morning Meteorologist at Channel 6 News. She joined BCOP-TV in April of 2014 and is heard on BCOP Newsradio on the mornings and midday dayparts.

Jane Weathers

Jane is the afternoon drive anchor for BCOP Newsradio. She has worked in the Capital Region for over a decade, previously with BRCK Newsradio in Miniland

Paul Martino

Paul Martino is a BCOP Newsradio Reporter covering the State House and State government issues. He had joined the station in 2008 and has won a number of awards

Nina Marcel

Nina Marcel is local issue reporter for BCOP Newsradio. Working for the station since 1998, Marcel reports on city and town issues at the local board meetings as well as other local news reports.

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