The Minibrick State Association of Broadcasters is a non government organization that represents broadcasters in the fictional world of Lego bricks, in the territorial state of Minibrick. We stride as minifigures to be the most professional groups of broadcasters. MISAB merged from 31 years ago from the Minibrick State Radio Association (formed in 1980) and the Miniland Chapter of Broadcasters (formed in 1984). Prior to 1987 there was no representation statewide for the interests of broadcasters from border to border.
After the merger, MISAB serves two regions that represents Minibrick State broadcasters, Copenhagen – the Capital District (TV DMA 35/Radio ADI 51) and Miniland (DMA 5/ADI 8), the nearly 80 radio stations and 22 commercial TV and the two statewide educational networks, BMPR and Minibrick State PBS. We also have a rapport with the Minibrick State Police and the Minibrick State General Court, the Governor’s Office; as well as the municipalities and the City of Miniland’s Office of Emergency Management; Miniland County Emergency Services. We also serve micro sized conferences in May and October alternating in Metro Miniland and the Capital Region to connect the two markets together as one unified organization of professional radio, TV, and now new media content creators.
We are located in Central Minibrick, in Old Haven, a market that overlaps both Miniland and Copenhagen DMAs and ADIs.