Coronavirus: Ongoing Coverage

Brickitino, Cammie (BCOP Radio )

Cappales, Chris (BCOP-TV)

March 3rd, 2020 8:30 PM ET

Minibrick State officials are not taking the threats of the deadly virus, the so called “coronovirus” lightly. On Tuesday afternoon, after delays of getting a press conference gathered, Governor John Broderbrick took a huge stand, taking quarintene matters to their own hands and to an extreme level.


Responding the press; Governor Broderbrick stated that they have evaluated and tested any incoming minifigures from foreign locations. MIS’ Department of Health and Minifig Services are overseeing 8 different test locations and 2 treatment facilities.


All major airports, Copenhagen International, Miniland Airport and the Ted Kennedy Airport all have been following directives from the governor as of Sunday.

These will be completely cornered off from general population and had ordered the press to not do liveshots or newsgathering from literally outside of any place that may have the virus.

Locations of test facilities


StopIn Clinic

551 West St


222 Main St, Fire Department

East Conway

StopIn Clinic

441 Federal Route 1

Copenhagen General Hospital will be the primary treatment center. Several ambulance companies will be used for transportation if needed.


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