Station Information

BCOP-TV is a Minifig TV station licensed in Copenhagen at 6 TV Drive in East Copenhagen. We operate a transmitter in Mount Cannon and two bureaus in Brickmont and East Conway. Copenhagen is one of the largest markets by mileage despite being based in the least populated capital city in the world! We are in the 35th Designated Market Area. We produce nearly 30 hours of local news a week, and we also air 10 hours of local interest programming. We are a proud affiliate to SBS. We cover many of the Northern Minibrick State counties as well as the eastern Brickmont. We operate our own doppler radar, we have our own news helicopter as well as fleet of newsgathering vehicles.



BCOP-TV provides a special feed for New Hampshire viewers via a minifig signal of B21MK with studios between Manchester and Nashua, NH and provides a minimum of single newscast a week as well as SBS programming intended for the Suburban New Hampshire audience.

Learn about SBS6 NH (B21MK- Copenhagen/Merrimack)

Job Opportunities

BCOP-TV Channel 6 is looking for the most qualified and talented minifigures to join our station. Click here to see the opportunities the station can provide you!


Station Information

As a commercially licensed TV station in the Minifig World, BCOP-TV is required by law to inform you the station’s role in the city of license that is Copenhagen, as well as equal opportunity hires among station talent.

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