Men Scare Me…part five

The YouTube “Playing With Fire” (though graphically it’s says “Playing Fire” because you know men like to cut corners and be direct and talk like bots) cringe YouTuber that’s a PUA and is critiquing Jordi. This obsession of status and high value garbage is evident that he’s shooting in 4K HD, and his editing sucks like most of YouTube with jump cuts.

Why would women be interested in ENG videography?  Anyways, this dude does not believe in relationships, he believes in “body counts!” Ironically he had Courtney Ryan coming onto his stream one day.

The problem with this dude is it seems like he chew tobacco and his voice shows it.


Why are Typical Men Regressing to the 1000s?

In the ongoing series of Men Scare Me, I wanted to dig deep and figure out why men have become primitive in the last few years? In the dangerous rise of man-o-spheres and alpha males defending in the range of overcompensating, it makes me wonder what the hell happened. I see correlation of men mixed with narcissistic fingerprints, and an obsession to family values, that is creepy in nature and not just autistic children, but now anyone.

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Men Scare Me…part four


If it’s not Andrew Tate, Jordi or Kevin Samuels, it’s even on the alleged left/philosophically minded people from the Man Enough podcast, with the principal hosts of Justin Baldoni (Jane the Virgin fame), Jamey Heath and… yes… the “feminist that [allegedly] loves men [when it fits to her narrative]” Liz Plank. Don’t assume that she’s the token female, it’s completely mistaken. The dude are the primary hosts, but they are the token (male) feminists as Liz kinda steals the show. This episode went live today when writing this, and Tate was brought up at the top. Their favorite scapegoat is “the patriarchy”; and advocate explicit expression of emotions to compensate the Tates of the world.

Liz couldn’t help to piss herself by going political at various points on this episode about abortion. This alleged atypical woman can’t even control herself, bite her tongue when it comes to pressing issues, or that issues that trigger vs. “feeling uncomfortable”. Like Jordi, or Tate, or even Fresh & Fit, they are on an extremist side, and the better option to fix the broken masculinity is moderation instead of polarizing.

They must get a lot of feedback, and I sure as hell have done, but even for “tolerant” types, they are just as bad as the ones that are apparently on the right.

No one wins. Leftie guys scare me too. They ought to feel canceled…

BTW: this episode is on relationships, but I had glossed through it, for an autistic male who knows never to engage in ex-infatuations; Liz should know better to not talk to ex-boyfriends.

Men Scare Me…part three

Jordi is an asshole…

On YouTube on Sunday, the other better-known despite being a notorious Canadian post this fine shit…

For one thing, WTF is using the wimpy, wishy washy “Okay” being so accepted? It’s another reminder that the gender of the X chromosome is implied to be disposable, and because they build bridges and buildings they ought to have authority to a woman’s body and relationships and much like a ship wreck, one must sacrifice his life to preserve others.

Why the fuck are we living in a Stone Age mentality? It’s fucking 2022 AD… and men can’t learn the very same things they build is automating them out of a job? And these macho men can’t take responsibility?

The attitude of “a little gratitude for that is in order” what fuck you think you are Jordi, General Patton?

I hate men as a man!

Men Scare Me…part two

Scott Galloway, the alleged leftist NYU Business School professor, is now becoming more and more alpha. He has been really critical about the young men and the crisis they are in. This is the same man who advocated Facebook to spin off Instagram so there could be more “innovation”. The same man who insisted AT&T was right to be broken up, and there’s less and less telecom jobs. This guy is a fucking hypocrite. he’s so fucking clueless.

Yes I had skimmed through the Coddling of the Minds, but that book was based on junk science (no facts on peanuts and allergies) and overall generalization of overprotection of Generation Z. My theory is parents of Gen Xers are not tech literate, and many have co-dependency issues, the kids want to run away and the tech was their safety net, and I should say that with utmost light tone.  But you can make the same case for Gen Xers with their parents both working, and they would be out till sunset; well was being out and about good either? Because they seem to be like their parents, cold, and emotionally unavailable.

Well that’s questioning authority Steven… you should STFU!

The Traumatic Experience of a Clustereff Family (Enmeshment)

In 2019, I met some of my paternal family members, about a year after they found me on Facebook, two of the aunts. My father had never told the family about me, like my two half siblings of which he never spoke to them. May I say the sisters are closer to my age. As a result the oldest sister was under the impression that she was the oldest child and therefore gawd forbid your’s truly apparently knocked her off the pedestal in a March 2019 post of the reunion; but I had the class to use the hashtag #firstgrandchild because it was a) a fact and b) that sister is the first granddaughter, so WTF, right?

I realized that my paternal grandmother was this close to cheating death with a rare cancer. The family waited to an autistic blow up of yours truly (that if they would be open to say in the first place), that sign #1 was that they don’t see age in the grandchildren. The youngest grandchild is close to 16, while I’m the oldest (35.) The boundaries are, don’t tell the literal “children” about her condition, not even a yea or nay or any one liner at all. Maybe that’s a thing between us – the hierarchal children – and my paternal grandmother. This is the problem, selective boundaries to enhance control.

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Family Units Hurting Autistics… (The things HFAs Refuse to Discuss)

High Functioning Assholes that like to flag people that don’t agree to their personal prejudices as ableist will turn the other side to see what really goes on to the non verbal, consensual types that come off lower functioning.

Autism is such an identity to a family unit from a few that I know. It’s really tragic. I see one acquaintance on Facebook (whom I am not friends with on the platform) with their younger sibling on the spectrum by a couple of years.) The individual is 33, but seems to be that sibling taking control of their life. It’s almost as if the parents go, that individual will be the primary care taker. I repeat this a million times, why the hell do hierarchal children have to be the primary care taker of an autistic? Why are you keeping the scope so damn tight? WHY?

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Thirty Five and Single

When I created A Puzzling View on Relationships, I remember getting flack on the socials at the time for being “bitter”. In the last decade (err really a couple years after 2012), I did try to improve myself to the best of my ability; then after receiving therapy, I still struggled. It’s how one communicates feeling left-out.

In reality, I am no different than when I was 25 in terms of being single, or worse perpetually single.  The environment gotten so much worse. It was years before #MeToo, it was years before MGTOW and PUAs coming out of the fringes into cringes in the mainstream. In 2021, being single was probably the worse part. Add the horrible politics of 2022 with women, it makes it a really tough time to be a man if being a man is so politically incorrect.

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#NHPolitics… #NHPoli Season (Why I HATE it so fucking much!)

I have lived in this alleged “free-state” for my entire life.

I fucking hate the politics (no more vulgarities herein!)

The division on the federal level could go as far back as 15 to 20 years ago. I noticed the change when our “elected officials” at the state level would act immature, childish, and name-call, and it became amateur hour for our elected officials. I didn’t like when it came to Medicaid waiver funding issues when the area agencies would relay political messages and blame one party of the other.

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