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Killer Christmas Storm. The latest (12/23/2022)

6:00 am ET:  Governor Broderbrick declares state of emergency for all of the state

6:20 am ET:  shelter in place order was in effect

6:45 am ET

power outages are rising rapidly

7:10 am ET

deaths have been reported

8:00 am ET

power outages are significant

9:30 am ET

power outages:


10:00 am ET

BCOP Newsradio has relocated to the backup studio at the transmitter due to being on emergency power


12:00 pm ET
114,500 customers without power  (down from 115,000)

56,250 – Metro Miniland
18,253 – southwest Minibrick

46,241 – great lake

48,350 – Capital Region

12,241 – metro shoreline

3 reported deaths