Ledge Falls, Causing Gas Leak, Closing NH Outlet Stores Following Christmas

One Shopper was “Super Bummed” she couldn’t go to the Merrimack Premium Outlets

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Friday, December 30th, 2022 | 12:54pm ET Updated January 7th, 2023 at 10:45pm ET

BCOP-TV – (MERRIMACK, NH )  A Major outlet store complex was closed on Wednesday because a large piece of ledge fell on the back side of the property, and when the ledge fell, it hit the gas lines early that morning. Merrimack, New Hampshire Fire department responded not too long after; Manchester and Milford, NH Fire Departments provided mutual aid to the town while gas company and electrical utilities cut off services.

“There’s huge piles all the way up and it could slide down at any point” Gauri Menon told a Boston affiliate WHDH-TV, acknowledging a safety concern as the  “buildings are so close to that side”.

“Super bummed… I mean we came all the way up here to go shopping; we made arraignments with my son to be with his grandmother today so I could go with my sister and now we can’t.” said Ashley Cotter telling WHDH-TV.

On Thursday, about 20 stores were supposed to reopen as post Christmas shopping sales occur and some customers returning unwanted gifts to the retailers.

2 young men from Quebec told another station they were  disappointed the outlets closed as that province has a 15% tax, where in New Hampshire, there is no sales taxes whatsoever.



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