Crisis in Masculinity


It the talk on the web … on social .. content creators galore… from the left… and to the right. The topic? Masculinity. There is so many out there to tell what men should do or is men at fault for things… but is there a crisis? Worse is men tuning out of society?

The statistics could startle you.

Later tonight on BCOP 6 News at 10:00, those statistics “got us kinda concerned”, according to Rebecca Briccardi, a researcher  UMINI Copenhagen conducted a research of area young men the spring time

As we begin our coverage on this pressing issue; we will be looking at these issues from multiple angles, from the so- called “manosphere” culture, to what’s online for men to consume to improve themselves, and is that making the situation inherently  worse? Is modern feminism causing men to feel inferior or is toxic masculinity hiding it?  Our reports are not conclusive, but we are here to dissect it and see what could be the solutions to an underlying problem.

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