BCOP-TV to be sold

Originally Posted on July 3rd, 2023

Updated July 10th, 2023 at 12:48 pm ET 

BCOP 6 News will be leaving; SBS and National programming will not be impacted, and current syndicated access programming will continue as aired.

(Brickstophous, Kristi – BCOP-TV) – Copenhagen

On Monday, the 3rd of July, BCOP-TV management had a Town Meeting with employees at 9:00 am that the station is tentatively going to be sold to Jack Ogel, from Alt Broadcasting Company for an undisclosed amount of money.

The deal includes a relocation to smaller facility, it’s transmitter, it’s license.

The deal does not include any local programming from 6 News, which means the news operation will be shutting down at the earliest as September if the Minifig Communications Commission and Minifig Trade Commission approves the deal.

BCOP 6 News will shut down it’s news operation following the sale of nearly 80 staff across the operation. Digital One News will provide broadcast news content on the new BCOP-TV signal. SBS and National programming will not be impacted, and current syndicated access programming will continue as aired.

Sadness, anger and other emotions was heard in our very own newsroom.

BCOP-TV began under the ownership of The Copenhagen Courier, and had been sold to The Daily Brick Broadcasting chain in 1996 and went through a spinoff in 2006 and merged with Heilo Broadcasting in 2014 and was then sold to a couple other companies between 2017 to 2020. Local management and ownership occurred again when Stratosphere Capital acquired BCOP-TV in late 2020 to then form Capital Region Media. In 2022, Capital Region Media bought a failing media services company that will be spun off after this sale.

On the very same day, BCOP-FM, the BCOP Newsradio FM signal was agreed to be surrendered to the Minifig Communications Commisison for several million dollars as part of the MCC to expand mobile broadband by eliminating certain FM stations, analog TV is scheduled to completely sunset by 2026. This sale was the first ever in the Minifig world, and can set presidence in a declining radio market.

BCOP Newsradio 990 on the AM dial is scheduled to “go dark” by September if no buyer of the station occurs. Meanwhile BCOR-FM the Rock of Copenhagen has been sold to City Common Media; and BCOR will acquire the BCOP-FM call sign.



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