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Crisis in Masculinity


“to obey to masters the men, their job is to protected and we are we expected respect them” says Claire in Copenhagen. It the talk on the web … on social .. content creators galore… from the left… and to the right. The topic? Masculinity. There is so many out there to tell what men should do or is men at fault for things… but is there a crisis? Worse is men tuning out of society?  “you should be looking at women that have a family, that are  respectful and men respect them” says “Myron Gains” a host of the Fresh & Fit Podcast. Opining that society is changing, said Kate, when a crew went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire a couple months back ” yeah, you can wear nail polish and play with dolls and that’s not feminine anymore… that’s old school”. Courtney Cristine Ryan, an extremist YouTuber on masculinity claims that “men are fatigued” when it comes to the dating market.

The statistics could startle you.

“It got us kinda concerned”, according to Rebecca Briccardi, a researcher  UMINI Copenhagen conducted a research of area young men the spring time… those concerning numbers? Out of 1,500 polled, more than 22% have not had a sexual relationship under the age of 30.   “The ones that responded claimed mixed messaging describing akin to “walking on eggshells.” “I think we are putting men at a disadvantage of painting them with a broad brush”; for what used to be younger girls being harder to raise, Briccardi says the mixed messaging towards younger men, maybe worse… to the point where intimacy may go away with present hashtag-me too mentality. According to Justin Baldoni, a host of The Man Enough Podcast cited “78% of all high school seniors do not know what consent is.”

It’s not just relationships from YouTube influencers, to podcasters, from hard right to extreme left; the perception of many voices from individuals that may not be qualified could be causing men to either check out or worse harm themselves..

As we commence our coverage on this pressing issue; we will be looking at these issues from multiple angles, from the so- called “manosphere” culture, to what’s online for men to consume to improve themselves, and is that making the situation inherently  worse? Is modern feminism causing men to feel inferior or is toxic masculinity hiding it?  Our reports are not conclusive, but we are here to dissect it and see what could be the solutions to an underlying problem.

Gronk Makes his latest Announcement – “Hosting” WWE

Jack Fitzbrian (BCOP-TV)

Wednesday, March 18th 11:00 pm ET

What’s Gronk’s next move after the Patriots a season plus later?

He’ll be hosting Wrestle Mania and will be teasing about his appearance on Fox at 8:00 Friday. Whether or not this will be delayed due to the Coronavirus concerns is yet to be announced.

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Minibrick State Governor Issues Disaster Plan

DiSanto, Alyssa (BCOP-TV Copenhagen)

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 10:20 PM ET

Issuing a tough stance on the ongoing fears of a pandemic of the Cornavirus, Minibrick State Governor John Broderbrick issued tough policies for citizens of the state. From curfews from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am till further notice; closing schools since Monday, and “strongly suggesting” malls and eateries that have dine-in to be closed off till further notice. This is all to “flatten” the bell “curve” to prevent scores of minifigures dying or straining the health system.

In Miniland, Steph Brickini had also issued a tough policy. Metro is expecting nearly 3,000 cases and 900 deaths.

BCOP-TV Copenhagen

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East Woodstock Town Management Scandal Worsens

Alyssa DiSanto (BCOP-TV)

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 12:30 pm ET

The Board of Selectfigs met in another two hour non public meeting Monday evening. East Woodstock began the meeting at 9:00 that evening indicating issues of what occurred on Tuesday February 11th; where their budgetary Town Meeting was delayed up to two hours. Town board disclosed the town had improperly pocketed usage fees for the town water unit and was funding other agencies that pursuant to Minibrick State law is illegal.

it is a Class II Misdemeanor to repurpose funds catered to a specific service and use those funds to relieve taxpayers, the board alleges.

The Minibrick state Ethics Commission and Attorney General are investigating the finances, the ethics, and former and current employees of the town. A forensic audit was performed a week after the news was released, but independent party was also the town’s financial accountant.

Chief of Police, David Curro is now the acting Town Management & Administrative Services Supervisor until a new candidate, a national search is issued.

East Woodstock officials declined to comment for Channel 6 News.

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Bloomberg Drops Out; Endorses Biden

Minifig News Today National Desk

Posted: March 4th, 2020 12:00 pm ET

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has dropped out. Earlier this morning, the executive of the largest financial data services company was assessing whether or not to stay after a lackluster performance on Super Tuesday. Bloomberg filed late into the early primaries; and missed New Hampshire’s registration deadline by a day in late fall. Despite such negligence; he did get 3 votes in Dixville Notch, as a write in, the first community in New Hampshire to open voting on February 11th.

Bloomberg endorses Joe Biden, former Vice President to President Obama. Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren lost massively in Massachusetts, the former being in a neighboring state, and the other the so-called home state senator of that state.

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Governor Broderbrick Addresses Coronavirus’ Impact to Capital Region

Brickitino, Cammie (BCOP Radio )

Cappales, Chris (BCOP-TV)

March 4th, 2020 2:00 am ET

Minibrick State officials are not taking the threats of the deadly virus, the so called “coronovirus” lightly. On Tuesday afternoon, after delays of getting a press conference gathered, Governor John Broderbrick took a huge stand, taking quarintene matters to their own hands and to an extreme level.

[facebook url=”” /]

Responding the press; Governor Broderbrick stated that they have evaluated and tested any incoming minifigures from foreign locations. MIS’ Department of Health and Minifig Services are overseeing 8 different test locations and 2 treatment facilities.

Late Tuesday night, several members of the State Assembly and MIS Senate also discussed plans, especially contingency plans.

All major airports, Copenhagen International, Miniland Airport and the Ted Kennedy Airport all have been following directives from the governor as of Sunday.

These will be completely cornered off from general population and had ordered the press to not do liveshots or newsgathering from literally outside of any place that may have the virus.

Locations of test facilities


StopIn Clinic

551 West St


222 Main St, Fire Department

East Conway

StopIn Clinic

441 Federal Route 1

Copenhagen General Hospital will be the primary treatment center. Several ambulance companies will be used for transportation if needed.

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TV Station Takes A Direct Hit of a Tornado in Tenn.

Minifig News Today – National Desk

March 3rd 2020 | 4:00 PM ET

WTVF in Nashville Tenn took a direct hit as a massive tornado passed through greater Nashville on Monday evening. The staff at NewsChannel 5 claimed they took a “direct hit”

Several deaths were reported during this storm

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