BCOP-TV is a Minifig TV station licensed in Copenhagen at 6 TV Drive in East Copenhagen. We operate a transmitter in Mount Cannon and two bureaus in Brickmont. We produce nearly 30 hours of local news a week, and we also air 10 hours of local interest programming. We are a proud affiliate to SBS. We cover many of the Northern Minibrick State counties as well as the eastern Brickmont. We operate our own doppler radar, we have our own news helicopter as well as fleet of newsgathering vehicles.

BCOP-TV’s original owner was the Copenhagen Courier, along with BCOP (AM) and BCOP-FM. We had introduced things that never was considered possible north of Metro Miniland: first in enterprise journalism, the first to go to electronic news gathering to scale,  the first station to go to color, the first to go to robotic cameras in studio, the first station to experiment in HD, and the first to go full HD.

We are one of the only stations in the market to employ full time professionals who care about covering the events and history of Copenhagen, holding our government and powers accountable, and most importantly giving voice to the general minifigures.

We are presently owned by Capital Region Media, a local shell company that includes BCOP Newsradio and BCOR/Rock of Copenhagen.

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