Changes to my home

The change occurred on the weekend of October 15th and 16th because and was so tied together that they were hard to break apart! Anyways on the weekend of October 29th, an SSL cert has transitioned finally to

As we fall back,, the home of my written works will be migrating as we fall back in the US perhaps the one last time (I hope not.) On Friday, November 4th, 2022, any new content (of which it’s been dry) will be frozen; to preserve all the content prior to. On the weekend of November 5th and 6th, will be the time of migration. By November 7th, all content should be operating as normal, as the IP address of the host will change, but the domain will remain the same. During this migration, there is no need to change from the reader’s standpoint, all content should be live.

Domain Changes

We are recommending clients and customers to visit as the new domain going forward.


Due to change in relationship statuses, the domain will no longer be part of the Clickford Media chain of service as it will be someone else’s property.


Sometime in 1Q 2020


Any existing user at can be able to receive emails from today. Most email handles should be the same and are seamless. Since December 1st, both domains will interoperate till a cutover of an anticipated date. Tentative plans is the domain will continue for 90 days until the end of the quarter.


An even shorter domain for Clickford Media Services

A Facebook Update

Over the last 3 days, I’ve taken time off to “disconnect” from online from other-people’s-issues to divisive political postings, and other people’s successes I will never have. I know that I may had put an emotional burden to others especially in the last month or even before Christmas. Some have not accepted my befriend request perhaps because of my demeanor that I never had full awareness of lacking self controls on emotions until 2016. I am also disconnecting from technology because I am tired of feeling like others are entitled for immediate response of me, feeling a bit exploited and will not tolerate that in the go-forward basis.

My life is going on a severe change to a new definition. As a result I will not be using Facebook the way I have. Given the really dicey corporate in-governance of the company, and how they lock you in as always signed on, I am getting creeped out. I also don’t feel it’s best that I am on and depress others while I am in a heightened stress. Also I feel it’s highly unhealthy to have Facebook-friends and empty promises.

AS A RESULT. I AM NOT CLOSING DOWN MY FACEBOOK. I am not falling onto a bandwagon of pissing on social media and looking all good by saying “I deactivated my Facebook and never looked back” attitude. I will not be as active on the social platform. This also means, that Messenger conversations may not be answered immediately. 

The Primary and Official Facebook profile is steven-dot-clickford-dot-7 (replace “dot” with periods) will be the official place to find me online. Like I said, I will not be as active as I used to. Over time Instagram and other platforms will slowly be less active.

I still believe in the concept of social networking and social media in the long run, it’s the platforms that owns the entire industry that is the concern.

I am also on the awareness that I may not have meaningful relationships – at all. I have to radically accept that and move on. I may have to settle with Facebook-friends as a poor man’s “friendship”.