Our business has evolved from managing technology to now managing technology and helping specific customers in the creative pro industry. Once part of Clickford & Company (better known as ClickfoCo), we now go away from tech to use tech to make better content creation and improve freelancers’ game.


  • Creative professionals
  • Small enterprises
  • 1 person enterprise

“Since we went with Clickford Media, we needed a platform that was in parity with wordpress and the ability to update a website for news and information in the mid market” – John Crystal, News Administration for BCOP Newsradio


  • Small end unified communication systems (Avaya, Cisco, Elastix/Issabel etc)
  • smaller end server solutions (HP ProLiant)
  • Mid sized server solutions (OS X, Windows, appliance-based platforms)
  • Mid-line routing and switching (Cisco, Netgear)
  • Mid-line firewalls (Cisco, Netgear, Sophos)
  • Virtualization (VMware ESXi/Type I Hypervisor; VirutalBox/TypeII)
  • Hardware restoration
  • Structured cabling (premise based wiring, etc.)
  • Following workflows and mandatory documentation
  • Follows compliance regulations
  • Follows a code of ethics.
  • Broadcast and alternative media solutions

“Whenever someone posts something inflammatory online and it takes us down, Clickfo, contacts us almost immeditely and says expect an outage for at least an hour” – Sadie – Techie Crafts