The Quick and Dirty Reference to Cisco Call Manager Express

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In seriousness, if you’re all wired at home, or you are interested in wiring up your home for multi line telephony or have the ability to answer calls from a number of phones or internally call people from within… I think given the consolidation and the access to them, the recommended path is to Cisco. As much as I can’t stand a lot of their technology, you do not need to need  to have everything running on Cisco to do Cisco telephony. Being frank. I have switches using Netgear, and I have some third party endpoints.

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Another Shooting in Texas… Out of touch Gov… etc…

Why is it in Texas is there this wheelchair-bound man who thinks. because he sits in one he can get away with most outlandish shit the state has experienced in recent years?

Late Saturday afternoon, a 33 year old, armed gunman shot and killed at least 9 people. Yesterday, a car ranover people near the border. While that story was developing, Governor Greg Abbott, went on Fox News Sunday and assumed the shooting on Saturday was a mental health issue the state has to work on; the same governor who had the nuts to assume as shooting a couple weeks before was done by illegal immigrants.

It’s almost the 1 year anniversary of Uvalde, not to mention the state having many mass shootings in the last 7 years.

As you folks know me, Texas has some really strange world views, such as PBX telephone systems killing women, not the abusive man (of which I still stand by to this day, the man had more rights than a PBX system) and yet men and guns have more freedoms. If Texas lead the crusade of indiscriminate dialing of 9-1-1 on any type of phone that some are not even legally under the FCC laws considered to be a “phone” (search for “Part 15) I am pretty sure Texas can regulate the guns and the devices that actually kill people. If you use the logic of the Kari’s Hunt Law, then things should be punished to the fullest extent of the Texas law. If it works for Texas (such as being the first state to pass the Kunt Law), then Texas would look bad for regulating assault weapons, it goes against their believes. But remember phone systems kill women.

I am tired of coming out of the weekend for Monday News Dumps of mass shootings or really illogical manslaughters and seeing stories from Austin as it’s someone else’s fault other than the gunman. It’s many years later to they play the mental health card and actually sympathize with the gunman; but any mass shooter shouldn’t get any sympathy. This gunman seems to have a very dark side, that no one should be empathizing.

How to Implement Cisco Call Manager Express at Home, part six

Part five on SIP will be rewritten; as some steps are missing.

Foreign Exchange Station or what the hell is FXS?

FXS is basically is what is in the landline world where the telephone line comes into a home or business. When things went to digital in the 1990s, not every phone system could take straight up ISDN, T1, DS1, etc. so a Customer Premise Equipment would be installed with basically an analog telephony dropdown. Adtran was  very successful in downconversion technology to tie a Partner key system into a large scale T1 line.

Then the advent of IP came along and tying older phone systems with native IP connections was very popular. In short, FXS acts as the Foreign Exchange Subscriber, that was traditionally foreign to the home central office of the customer.

In a Cisco environment, it can be used for multiple reasons. For today’s notes, it’s to extend analog telephones acting as extensions.

Wait, what’s the difference between an FXS and an Analog Telephone Adaptor?

An ATA is a separate device, that’s intended for things like fax machines, and some instances of analog telephones. Unlike Nortel and Avaya and even Mitel where it’s a box that goes embedded with a phone, the VOIP world likes to make little Netgear-like boxes instead. An ATA can have points of failure, and you’re not limited to ~ 300 feet of wiring. If say the network goes down (and it can!), you can have hard line failover, much like in your hybrid digital telephony setup. Unless something is wrong with the router, tricks to provide failover is very easy.

Again FXS can be used to tie analog trunk PBX systems or act as the ATA for a software based system like an Asterisk, this is intended for a Call Manager Express setup

To Start Dialing

Logged in and in configuration mode, type in voice-card 0/0 (in this example, first “o” is the gateway, “0” is the furthest right hand card on a Cisco 2801)

type on no shutdown

Then type exit

Now you need to type some more commands

First go to voice-port 0/0/0 (that’s Gateway 0, slot 0, port 0)

station-id name Dining Room (or another name or location you prefer)

station-id number 201 (or another number preferable, but you could leave this empty, but if you don’t hear it ring, you’ll know it was you!)

caller-id enable (this allows a Caller ID analog phone to give information from the caller, whether it’s a SIP call, SCCP call or even outside – Where Available, lol)

If you still struggle with Dial-Peers, it’s basically a dialing string or rule for anything other than Skinny phones. SIP is even foreign, and you have to create dial-peers for those stations too. Analogs do not talk in IP. When adding an ephone-dn or ephone; IOS already does that for you if you noticed. And you can tweak it if you so wanted to.

I used this approach dial-peer voice 1201 pots  in config mode

I told IOS, to have a destination-pattern 207

Port 0/0/0 – because that’s the port I put the station-id number on

Forward-digits all basically will dial the number after the person picks up, so if you want them to hear numbers dialing, than I’d leave it blank

The dial-peer is required if you have VOIP extensions whether it’s SIP or Skinny. The FXS slots when not in shutdown can make any calls against the dialing plans and dial-peers it knows, but it needs explicit instructions the other way around.


Generation X Is A Problem (Just One Random Person’s Perspective)

Gen Xers, the ones born between 1964 to 1981 (roughly) are the least populated generation (nearly 50 to 70 million against the Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z) and I think history will not look fondly of these individuals.

Before they were called Gen X, they were known as the Latch-key Generation, the MTV Generation (often mistaken as the Millenial generation, but my generation didn’t see much music other than reality shows like The Hills and alike); and worse The Forgotten Generation.

I think they took it literally. They are extremely tough and they often look down at the Millennials and Boomers for whining, this is the suck-it-up generation. They seem to be more conservative than what was considered in the 2016 Election.

Gen X ranges from people close to 60 as young as 42, and sadly these people who adulted in their teens, self-parented (back to the Latch-key), did loads of underage drinking (but 21 as the legal age wasn’t fully universal until I believe Vermont switched in the early 90s); etc. Ironically their child-like behavior was very evident in the last five years. Just watch the Fox News Channel, and there’s only a couple Millennials and many of the “young”est talent is over 40.

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Did Avaya Innovate Yesteryear? Perhaps…

When Avaya was flirting with bankruptcy over 5 years ago, speculation from the startups was Avaya was lazy and didn’t innovate in the cloud and other wild BS. Ironically, Avaya did have some hope, but when they got the LBO treatment to the private equities in mid 2007, they did everything they could to prop up Avaya as if they were a larger than life company.  Remember Avaya was debt-free so what was the purpose for a P/E Firm to screw them over?

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Changes to my home

The change occurred on the weekend of October 15th and 16th because and was so tied together that they were hard to break apart! Anyways on the weekend of October 29th, an SSL cert has transitioned finally to

As we fall back,, the home of my written works will be migrating as we fall back in the US perhaps the one last time (I hope not.) On Friday, November 4th, 2022, any new content (of which it’s been dry) will be frozen; to preserve all the content prior to. On the weekend of November 5th and 6th, will be the time of migration. By November 7th, all content should be operating as normal, as the IP address of the host will change, but the domain will remain the same. During this migration, there is no need to change from the reader’s standpoint, all content should be live.

The Dangerous Rise of “Alpha Males”

Masculinity is breaking in the seams, and what alarms me as a man, is I’ll be hating men even more as they give my own group a bad name.

On social media, the rise of hyper masculinity has exploded, especially since the 2016 Election, as these fringe and cringe groups have been legitimized. There two groups, Pickup Artists (PUA) and Men Going Their Own Way or MGTOW. PUAs want sex, and babies while MGTOWs have checked out. PUAs and MGTOWs do not subscribe to modern feminism, even if it has gone too extreme in some ways, but both of these groups are accelerating. Even with alpha males like the late Kevin Samuels who passed away suddenly in the spring; there will be another one sprouting out.

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(Not a Shocker) Liz Cheney Losses Wy. Primary

As of this writing, Liz Cheney, a conservative’s conservative 96% of the time has been voted out in Wyoming because because she’s a Republican in Name Only only 4 percent of the time.

RINOs used to have very strict criteria. RINOs were often characterized as a go along, get along from the Democratic “leadership” (think of Charlie Baker and the “Tall Deval” personal attacks against the previous Mass. Governor Patrick.) Since President Trump had raped the GOP, or as his wingman Roger Stone said to Frontline, “a hostile takeover of the Republican Party”, a RINO now means “not fully on Team Trump”.

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What is Wrong with Generation X?

When I was younger, I thought GenX was the young and hip generation. I thought it was the generation that brought us the dot-coms. But it seems like it’s really technophobic, anti-establishment, anti-intellectual, anti-anything-above-me. These people despise the so-called “elites”, they like to point the finger to other’s peoples problems, like how the Feds are out to get little Donnie Boy Trump personally; and say “Hey look at Hillary’s email server!” They preach fairness, but the world isn’t fair, says the same people who lectured this to their kids a few years ago.

This is the same generation that were born in the civil rights era, so anything prior to that is ill relevant because we are moving forward to have this half-assed “inclusion” that is far from reality. They do not learn from what happened in the 1960s to only blame the Boomers for their lax culture, because the hard, tight-right, say thing and obey your master of the 1950s was the best time for the Gen X parents, and a slight reboot of that in the 1980s.

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Canceled: The Museum of Telephony

Do you know that I have over 106 telephony devices related to or connected to The Museum of Telephony? A vast majority of them came from a specific follower. While I am blessed that I didn’t really spend a lot for The Museum, I decided, not less than ten years after it’s anniversary to pull the plug. Do I burn all my old telephones? No, I will be doing some liquidation soon.

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