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Information related to BCOP-TV/BCOP-DT Copenhagen as it’s a licensed TV station in the Copenhagen Capital Region. We serve several markets in northern Minibrick State and Eastern Brickmont. We produce nearly 32 hours of local news a week plus 10 hours of local-interest programming outside of news.

Job Opportunities

Updated January 2023

Floor Director

6 News is looking for qualified candidates for supervising studio production for 6 News. The pay is awesome at $14 an hour. your responsibilities is to handle the teleprompter for the anchors to read the copy without needing to control their prompters, controlling robotic cameras, and giving cues to talent. A floor director helps make a studio feel less lonely with the talent. No previous experience is needed.

General Assignment Reporter

Channel 6 is looking for reporters outside of enterprise and special projects to cover the goings-on in local town boards, school districts, etc. The stories are typically same-day and experience in covering breaking events is ideal. This is a full time position with. base salary at $22,000 with benefits, and time off. For people retained with BCOP-TV for every year at the station you can accrued 5 vacation days.

Weekend Reporter

BCOP 6 News is looking for a weekend reporter to cover a large region. Limited Experience, or out of school candidates are strongly recommended to apply to a station well respected in a market that goes for miles and miles. Base salary is at $22,000 with benefits, paid time off, paid sick leave, and up to 10 paid holidays.

Digital Operations Center (Ingest Supervisor)

BCOP-TV is seeking candidates for a part time position to handle media for programming on Channel 6. This job requires the responsibilities such as

  • Checking FTP, satellite or microwave transmission of content
  • Cataloging it’s information or metadata
  • Managing media storage, purging, deleting or adding media on the storage platforms

Such freedoms from this job includes paid time off, up to 2 weeks of vacation and up to 3 weeks if working in a larger market for more than 5 years, base pay is at $22 an hour previous knowledge of systems such as Avid, Florical Systems, Microsoft and Linux storage is preferred.

Finance Manager

We are looking for a very talented person to work in our finance department. BCOP-TV generates millions annually for Channel 6 as well as our media productions and radio stations. We need a well versed financial manager to:

  • Oversee accounts payable
  • Supervises accounts receivable
  • Ability to manage expense reports
  • Supervise contracts/bids for projects
  • Handles quarterly financial summaries
  • Experience with Miniware ERP
  • At least 4 years of higher education in Business and or finance

6 News New Hampshire Associate Project Supervisor

BCOP-TV is expanding to Southern New Hampshire. The minfiig-based TV station is looking for individuals who can build a news and local media production at scale. We are looking for professionals who are willing to work with a handful of Minifig professionals. We are not looking for local-amateur types

  • Strong functioning knowledge of Electronic News Gathering
  • Strong knowledge of remote streaming (Livestream Pro, Dejoro, LiveU)
  • Experience in Avid Media Composer or GV Edius
  • Producing on PC-based control rooms (Open Broadcast Studio or Tricaster)
  • The ability to run at a scale of a large market station with about 10 assigned minifigures
  • Design workflows for production in news and local interest content (ala Great Day)

Previous experience with Mac OS X, Windows 7 and greater,  Panasonic and Canon cameras, NLEs and file-based workflows in a ENG (“the ‘live-look’ effects); in real time urgent manner. Previous expierence in either EFP, ENG, local news, local media (like Great DayI) is recommended)



BCOP-TV is a Minifig TV station licensed in Copenhagen at 6 TV Drive in East Copenhagen. We operate a transmitter in Mount Cannon and two bureaus in Brickmont. We produce nearly 30 hours of local news a week, and we also air 10 hours of local interest programming. We are a proud affiliate to SBS. We cover many of the Northern Minibrick State counties as well as the eastern Brickmont. We operate our own doppler radar, we have our own news helicopter as well as fleet of newsgathering vehicles.

BCOP-TV’s original owner was the Copenhagen Courier, along with BCOP (AM) and BCOP-FM. We had introduced things that never was considered possible north of Metro Miniland: first in enterprise journalism, the first to go to electronic news gathering to scale,  the first station to go to color, the first to go to robotic cameras in studio, the first station to experiment in HD, and the first to go full HD.

We are one of the only stations in the market to employ full time professionals who care about covering the events and history of Copenhagen, holding our government and powers accountable, and most importantly giving voice to the general minifigures.

We are presently owned by Capital Region Media, a local shell company that includes BCOP Newsradio and BCOR/Rock of Copenhagen.

Talent Bios

Catherine Brickoux

Catherine Brickoux is a general assignment reporter for BCOP-TV. She Clickandian native, aspiring to be a Minifig Union national. She joined BCOP 6 News in 2019 to much of the attention of news managers noticing her native tongue of Clickada. Catherine previously worked in CKQ in Clickbec City, as a general assignment reporter and weekend anchor, often acting as a producer and even a tape editor. Catherine is proud to work in Copenhagen where she can report and not worry about other details

John Cattlebrick

John Cattlebrick has been the station’s long news anchor. He has only worked in one market – Copenhagen! Cattlebrick had joined Channel 6 News in 80s as a general reporter. He became anchor later on. He has covered many stories on Channel 6 from the Blizzard of 2015 to September 11th. He has been nominated with many regional Emmys and Murrows.

Alyssa DiSanto

Alyssa DiSanto had joined Channel 6 News in 2016 to be a general assignment reporter.  Later that year she was promoted to be the State House Reporter. She came to Channel 6 from MTVK in Kansas Capital.

Jackie DiOgel

Jackie DiOgel is the weekday Morning Meteorologist at Channel 6 News. She joined BCOP-TV in April of 2014.

Nina Martino

Nina Martino is the midday anchor on Channel 6 News at noon. She has been with the station since 2015. Before that Martino had worked in several markets.

Chevy Doucette

Chevy Doucette is a general assignment reporter at BCOP 6 News. Doucette joined the station in 2018 and has reported scandals and snowstorms

Nicole Berucci

Nicole Berucci is BCOP-TV’s airborn traffic reporter in Air 6. She joined BCOP-TV in 2015 for morning and afternoon drive traffic reports and breaking news from the air. She had previously worked in other markets. She’s a home girl, raised in the Capital Region and attended UMINI Copenhagen for Broadcast Journalism.

Chris Cappeles

Kristie Brickles

Kristie Brickles is the host of Great Day Copenhagen and joined BCOP-TV in 2022 to help rebrand the morning chat show. She used to be on The Morning Zoo on FM 95.9 prior to.