(Not a Shocker) Liz Cheney Losses Wy. Primary

As of this writing, Liz Cheney, a conservative’s conservative 96% of the time has been voted out in Wyoming because because she’s a Republican in Name Only only 4 percent of the time.

RINOs used to have very strict criteria. RINOs were often characterized as a go along, get along from the Democratic “leadership” (think of Charlie Baker and the “Tall Deval” personal attacks against the previous Mass. Governor Patrick.) Since President Trump had raped the GOP, or as his wingman Roger Stone said to Frontline, “a hostile takeover of the Republican Party”, a RINO now means “not fully on Team Trump”.

This includes a denying the fact there was a political riot called January 6th of last year.

The party of “personal responsibility” has blamed her spending more time in D.C. than dealing with inflation in Wyoming says the locals. The locals see D.C. as faraway, but yet the rural politics always seems to have a keen focus on the national stuff than local stuff. How many of these people are trying their best to improve themselves and not blame another president or party?

I rarely go into this political tangent, but the party of personal responsibility is lacking personal accountability. You can choose to work and do a dirty job. You can choose to learn and expand your bubble to get a better job, you can choose to be more informed and less tolerant. You can learn about the economy and not have a Harvard degree. But the modern “conservatives” do not want to hold themselves by their bootstraps, they may not ask for a handout, but they like to whine like children. And when things go their way, they talk like high school cliques. Where are the adults in the room?

Let’s return back to Trump… why do people like him so much? Why did the party become a specific man?  Just because you got more money in your pocket, to piss on material stuff? More material disposability? Unneeded upgrades like a gas guzzling SUV or pickup truck? This inflation began well before so-called “Brandon” came into office but of course those people do not take the time to learn new things like Black Monday from 1987less than 35 years ago where the aftermath of the market crash caused the very same problem we are in right now with low interest and high spending both in the government and in the private sector (banks, venture capital, etc.) More money for me to make me happy!

I know there is a shrinking middle class, and an upper class, but I know whining about it like a stereotypical high functioning autistic won’t get you places. On the progressive side, you have morons too. They like to blame everything on the greedy bankers when it comes to high cost of homes in New Hampshire, a state where it’s in high demand from all types of people, and yeah you can make the case of zoning regs, but there’s politics that go into that too.

I wished there was more people who can stop claiming they are so “busy” and take a few minutes in their so called “busy” day to reflect and learn new things, and not keep practicing and preaching the things what you were taught in high school back when Ronald Regan was president.

There are so many issues going on in this part of the world, what caused a perceived end of the world was the very same groups of people who do not understand finance, governance, social skills, and somehow the middle generation of Boomers and Millennials are stuck in 1022 AD, a very primitive, immature, and not thinking in the modern world. If the world was supposed to end tomorrow, would you rather live in a cave man mindset of alleged toxic masculinity or just die because the primitive will probably take over the earth? I’d rather be dead.

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