What is Wrong with Generation X?

When I was younger, I thought GenX was the young and hip generation. I thought it was the generation that brought us the dot-coms. But it seems like it’s really technophobic, anti-establishment, anti-intellectual, anti-anything-above-me. These people despise the so-called “elites”, they like to point the finger to other’s peoples problems, like how the Feds are out to get little Donnie Boy Trump personally; and say “Hey look at Hillary’s email server!” They preach fairness, but the world isn’t fair, says the same people who lectured this to their kids a few years ago.

This is the same generation that were born in the civil rights era, so anything prior to that is ill relevant because we are moving forward to have this half-assed “inclusion” that is far from reality. They do not learn from what happened in the 1960s to only blame the Boomers for their lax culture, because the hard, tight-right, say thing and obey your master of the 1950s was the best time for the Gen X parents, and a slight reboot of that in the 1980s.

Of course it’s the kitchen table issues, that’s the most important, you know the area that you once would clear your checkbook. The freggin economy,,, where the fuck were you when in 2019? I saw some really weird stuff in the economy that no one else was talking about. I guess it’s only when STHF do people then start blaming “Brandon” and whine and bitch like 12 year olds about the cost of gas, because if you were intelligent enough, again Donnie Boy Trump was continuing the degrading of the dollar, and did it with distracting you that Chinnnnaa was the blame for everything; and not realizing other threats.

Of course “It’s the Economy Stupid” (as I think Paul Begala is infamously known for.) Because money makes everyone happy. Capitalism Cures Cancer™ says the idiots who favor the Reganomics, of reckless consumer spending with artificially low interest rates, and alike was also another distraction. I am not against consumers or spending on things, but when it becomes indiscriminate, which brings another problem we have.

Our Changing (but erratic) Climate

No one wants to talk about it. Yeah in the 1980s and 90s you could mock the tree-huggers, but this isn’t just warm winters and hot summers anymore. It’s erratic. We have random record snowfall, followed by consistently hot record summers. Meteorology and climatology are two separate skillsets. Your meteorologist at your local TV station looks at the next 10 days. A climatologist is looking at historical data against a projection of what the future could be. Sadly the longer term forecasts (like when we know yet another mild winter comes in September projections, and it’s often accurate, but yet meteorologists can’t get the 10 days right.) The skeptics always likes to make fun of the latter, but never seems to agree with the former.

And to see a difference between the two, it’s been estimated over the years that 70% of the broadcast meteorologists do not believe in climate change, and you had idiots like Mish Michaels that lead the crucade against the harsh reality. (According to sketchy WordPress blogs, she allegedly committed suicide at 53 in March, the Boston press did not go into details…just over a month after appearing on a cameo on The Weather Channel during a late January snowstorm.) Not to judge people by generation, but she’s Gen Xer and she fits right into this profile of messed up Americans with a shortsighted view of the world’s science.

There are so many issues with Generation X, this was the first post Civil Rights generation, and Millennials (despite how crazy they can be) at least they do not possess mass malignant narcissism. This is the generation Macs, Apple IIs and IBM 5150s appeared in classrooms, they were the early adopters of the Interwebz, these people were the first under Federal reform of the public education system in America. I guess the American education system did dumb down at least 70 million American Gen Xers, and obviously the Millennials to some degree.

As I see Gen Xers just age horribly with their collective narcissism; unable to reflect, unable to course-correct, co-dependent on their offsprings, this leads me to my sympathy and concern for Generation Z, the folks born after 1995.  Unlike the Millennials, Gen Z have had it harder, not easier. they came to age when the economy turned around, but it was with an asterisk. They’ll have to take the burden of caring for their aging narcissistic parents, feeling like children well into their later years, when the climate will be upside down, there will be no democratic-republic governance, and  having to interact with  people that more jackasses than the Millennials or the Boomers; because these jackasses personally believe in God, Jesus Donald Boy Trump and other low rent, low credential individuals to “fix” the very same things this horrible generation “broke”.

I didn’t know how bad Gen Xers were till the election of President Trump, and the COVID19 pandemic, and them writing off the January 6th Insurrection.  All they give a flying fuck is their pocketbook to be fatter so they can piss their own money while screwing up our Mother Earth and causing more harm to our natural resources that is becoming less abundant while voting for clowns and forcing us to accept a circus.

Ignorance is Bliss – The Gen Xers



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