Chronicles of a Corrupted Childhood, Episode 7 – C Block

“She’s more than enough. How in the hell she can get away with writing the worst crap about herself on what I call is the LiveJournal with a selective paywall that is Substack? She has rights to the necklace Let Boys Cry, she also has an eyeglass line, she also is that “journalist”, a “CEO to Liz Plank Productions” (speaking about pretend CEOs, does she have a Corporate Governance…where is her Board of Directors to hold that said CEO accountable?) and a filmmaker.

What does Steven have? Theoretical skillsets of ENG videography, photography, and video editing; a failed content creator, VP of ops of a micro-me version of Game Creek Video; bit of a stronger knowledge on unified communications and overall enterprise Mac, Windows, Linux enterprise and writes like a journalist but no one really cares about his work. May I repeat that episode from Triple C: I AM NOT ENOUGH!”

If there is any perception of “lust” – it’s the lust of her privilege and power that I will never even have even being a biological male.

Only because I care about people way too much. Should I say this narrative was a “Mindful” Obsession About a Woman That Allegedly “loves men”? After that I am on my next 15 weeks of distractions and who knows in 30 years maybe I’ll get to my 1,001 last-bad-first-impression once and for all. Or I could be dead since autistics allegedly have short lifespans thanks to the idiots who make my life worse not better. What a smoke in mirrors experience this has been. If I ever run into someone like her again on my screens, I’ll immediately consult to this post to remind myself to not repeat insanity ever again. I have been so let down.

My last words are, I pour so much resources with no expectations of any gratification: I am posting this like no one will be reading this. Even Liz. ” – The Hopeless Autistic, June 3rd 2022. 

Listen to the rest of this podcast of “What did Liz Plank Do to You Personally to have Strong Opinions of her?” 15:00 in is where Steven’s personal bias finally gets disclosed! Originally Recorded June 11th, 2022

Chronicles of a Corrupted Childhood, Episode 7 – B Block

Steven had kept a deep secret and was on the down-low for the 1st half of 2022 after the late 2021 discovery of a feminist that bills herself that “loves men”, Liz Plank.  Steven reads a 4,000 page post on The Hopeless Autistic about this long journey that lead to nothing. There was more to just a stereotypical pretty-face that happened to be an alleged male loving feminist. She actually had previous experiences with the “disability” population and still presently does. Just over a month after the discovery, she launched “The Dream Job Club” as a “soft launch”.  Sequentially Steven also ordered For the Love of Men and basically the book backfired my respect to men, where I tolerated less of them after reading the hobbled messaging. Nearly a month after reaching out to Ms. Plank, a podcast she co-hosts happened to be the topic of that episode where she opened up. Of that, a scheduled book review for the minifig all-news radio station had to go into 2 parts because of what I discovered… This is first of two parts with this individual as a topic. Originally Recorded June 11th, 2022


Chronicles of a Corrupted Childhood, Episode 6 – D Block (“…Dumping Someone You Admire – Even if you think she’s hot like ‘roni pizza!”)

Triple-C goes to Throwback Mode and playing an open from WSVN-7 in it’s early tabloid years. The callers call in mostly in regards to Episode 5, part two and the more popular subject, Liz Plank ranging from if I had an elevator pitch, if I had attempted to connect to her directly, why, and how and hate from Joey from the Fake I87 plus some off-podcast subjects like from Myles. Originally streamed May 26th, 2022 at 11:00pm ET

Chronicles of a Corrupted Childhood, Episode 6 – B Block

The latest of the Tcxas School shooting (this is no longer available to see on YouTube as this narrative has been revised severely.) Also included is Jordi and John Grey dissecting the development of boys in a 2018 podcast that they thought explains the mind of a school shooter. Originally streamed, May 26th at 9:35 pm ET

From The Broken Desk of Steven…

I have written a bunch of works for several blogs and platforms over the last decade. As time has gone on, I have realized that there was several underlying things that collided, and are colliding, and is the reason of where I am today, at a point where I feel I being oppressed.

This should not come at a surprise to anyone. My written blog posts as well as recent forays into podcasts and livestreams have basically wrapped 3 different types of challenges that was documented and sadly will likely get worse before it gets better. The reason why I have (and still do) is just a verification of the Hey-I-Told-You-So… not that I want to be (always) right either.

The reason why I am not in an active relationship, the ability to have a meaningful work environment or hell the ability to have a casual social network, is either being blocked or being destroyed or worse I was engineered to fail!

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