Our business has evolved from managing technology to now managing technology and helping specific customers in the creative pro industry.


  • Creative professionals
  • Small enterprises
  • 1 person enterprise


  • Small end unified communication systems (Avaya, Cisco, Elastix/Issabel etc)
  • smaller end server solutions (HP ProLiant)
  • Mid sized server solutions (OS X, Windows, appliance-based platforms)
  • Mid-line routing and switching (Cisco, Netgear)
  • Mid-line firewalls (Cisco, Netgear, Sophos)
  • Virtualization (VMware ESXi/Type I Hypervisor; VirutalBox/TypeII)
  • Hardware restoration
  • Structured cabling (premise based wiring, etc.)
  • Following workflows and mandatory documentation
  • Follows compliance regulations
  • Follows a code of ethics.
  • Broadcast and alternative media solutions


  • Provide easy to understand technical information to professionals or non technical individuals
  • The ability to understand diversity, and the needs of the customer, not the wants of the technician
  • Hand-hold customers to new platforms instead of forcing new technologies at them
  • Go through routine training
  • Must have a clean background check before working with Clickfo.me


Clickfo.me is owned by Steven, with experience of other micro-sized enterprises before fusing modern media content creation with the discipline of non consumer technologies to provide a well produced and organized online content. He is also the curator of the online WordPress Site, The Museum of Telephony and had experience with three online social media platforms. He still publishes The Museum on a quarterly basis, as well as a freelance consultant to BCOP-TV, and sometimes is heard on air on BCOP-Radio and works as a technological consultant to several clients.


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