The Zoo: L&R Special

This was recently published. I took a bunch of the most amusing cuts from the last year and put them together uncut for an hour plus long special on the Love & Relationships Hour. When using the edits for Rewind 2021, they were flash cuts, and you missed the context of many of the most amusing, to the most cringe.

I really do stand by my work with the L&R Hour for me it was the most success in doing the live streams and podcasts. Regardless of it, none of this work would be submitted for a Webby, a local Emmy, Peabody or what have you. If someone gets a kick, then that’s my success.

L&R Hour: Steven Comes Out of the Dungen!

Steven introduces 2022 of his interest in BDSM that got validated during the Christmas vacation after watching an episode of The Doctors where “Can Trauma Cause Kink?”. Also: Caller asks if Nexstar “Effed” up The Hill, causing Krystal Ball and her alleged eff-boy to eff The Hill’s new owners. Also Steven smokes Krazy Ken’s alleged ableism and gives Dave’s Garage a kick in the nuts of his alleged autism. Also Steven follows up on Londonderry NH Exposed and says to all his Millenial aged ex-classmates if they have children, he hopes they get a moderately autistic child to put their lives in full circle.

L&R Hour: On Liz Plank – November 30th, 2021

After callers blasted Steven on blasting WMUR-TV, L&R started off with no more callers. Michael calls in (and only on for a minute!) and suggests Steven to check out some feminist that “loves men”, her name is Liz Plank, the author of For the Love of Men… A lot of random conjecture on the individual was aired. Corrections: Steven’s math was wrong, Plank and Steven are actually 7 days apart, Steven is March 12th; and this book was promoted as a paperback (hardcover went to press in 2019) and as you will, Steven did not pick up on Plank’s “as a progressive” in the Krystal Ball cut and assumed she was “liberal” well into the show. This episode was literally was on very little information to much of Steven’s surprise.   Show ends with late breaking news that “Fredo”, Chris Cuomo is finally out at what’s remaining of the house Ted Turner built.  Also promos of The Lab, and other Twitch features to come. Originally aired on November 30th, 2021.

L&R Hour: On The Ayottes, The Clickfords, and How they KNOW NOTHING!

As Jimmy Cramer said in August of 2007 “THEY KNOW NOTHING!”. That can be easilly applied to my paternal family, the Ayotte clan and how they knew nothing about me, my autistic condition, the lack of communication (on their end), etc. Originally streamed live on November 9th, 2021

The Zoo: L&R Hour 11-09-2021

“You may think I am a simp, but in reality, if you put me in a hypoethical   sexual situation, I maybe dominate. Never underestimate the power of an autistic!” – Steven Clickford. On family, my paternal family, my former inlaws, and other questions. Originally streamed November 9th, 2021


Halloween Hangover with another hour of the most famous part of The Weekly Zoo. Starts heavy on Toxic Masculinity, Joe Rogan is an Unintended Consequence, Jordan Peterson’s Failsophy, we go wild to a caller needs help with his pregnant and h0rny girlfriend! That and many, more wild stuff on this special edition of the Love & Relationships Hour!