Community Guidelines

There are rules to commenting and reaching me on this site.

  1. This blog serves the Boston (US) and Southern New Hampshire operational area only. Comments from 75 miles outside the operational area will be barred. Such verification will include IP address and looking up the names of the individuals. You must be a resident or business in Cheshire, Merrimack, Rockingham, Hillsborough counties in New Hampshire or Essex, Middlesex, Worcester, Suffolk, Norfolk counties in Massachusetts. There is no exceptions to this rule.
  2. Comments from users in countries that sponsor terrorism will not be allowed. Such countries like Cuba, Iran, Russia, China.
  3. “Likes” are not tolerated. Excessive likes will result into criminal prosecution  as harassment.
  4. Readers from outside the operational area are not welcome
  5. Comments must be filled with ether  a full name, a first name, first initial. Anonymity  is not allowed as that can lead to corruptive behaviors, a violation of Federal corruption rules .
  6. You can say anything but
    1. defaming people
    2. using unbusiness like language
    3. use of vulgarities
    4. expressing any illegal acts
    5. promoting yourself
  7. Again true feedback should be done in comments or use the Contact page.
  8. These rules are in place to prove the Internet cannot be open and have no borders. The Internet must and shall be like the real world and have borders to protect ourselves from evil.

These rules are in accordance to real world laws in Hillsborough County, NH in the USA.