Social Media Policies

Enacted March 2016

While I observe all the major social media provider’s Terms of Service (TOS), users must adhere to Guidelines issued by this publisher to ensure a safe and healthy cyber community.

There are nearly a half dozen platforms I publish or manage in the social media, in order to have orderly and lively discussions please abide by the following:

  1. Social networking and social media are two different types of online portals; the former are for people that you know personally, and the latter is for people you don’t know or for acquaintances. Of the portals, every single one of them are intended for social media.
  2. Please stay on the subject manner. Derailing subjects is not the best way to get attention
  3. Avoid using vulgarities. Content is intended to be “Safe for Work” material, using harsh, coarse language in a public venue intended to be for professional purposes will be banned or will be kindly be redirected to use more professional language
  4. Do not personally attack me unless you have a CLEAR evidence against me. Attacking me with vague statements without any clear reasons is just another way for trolls to get away for being disrespectful.
  5. People who do not have a full name or a first name – last initial will not be taken seriously. No one should ever fall into anonymous users to fulfill their pity anger.
  6. Content is intended for public consumption, prior to anything “going out to air” all content is verified, redactions on personably identifiable information, etc is done. Such content that does go to the air, has no expectation to be forgotten.
  7. Harassment (such as constant contact, or contact through spoofing other users online ala a “catfishing”) will not be allowed and be treated as harrassment.
  8. While most of my social media platforms are an open book, you are expected to have responsibility in dissemination of the information, such as not using personal attacks without reasonable back it up. Please do not use the content for stalking purposes or to snoop on my whereabouts if you know how to reach me in the offline world.