VLOB: Don’t Let Data Be the Justification for Your Intellectual Stupidity

I get to my point after 2:00

After mentioning about how bad my mouse is and how long B&H is delivering my Kensington, and talking about how I got this Kensington from Small Dog Electronics in Manchester ,NH in 2010 before Apple took that very same space a few years later. Small Dog was for the longest time the 3rd highest reseller behind the VARs (CDW and [Mac] Connection) I connect the dots between using data and statistics to justify the reasons that autism is just-a-boy-problem and that parents of autistics have an even higher divorce rate than typicals (nearly half of all American marriages end in divorce.) Why do we say “the stats say it [so do it]’? Why do we treat people worse, because “the stats say so?” Are we this effed up? Do you know most data types are virgins who haven’t fucked a chick nor looked a naked chick?