Is Gen Z’s At Fault for Feeling Isolated by Culture and Tech?

Gen Z (the folks born after 1995) are totally connected than any other generation before, even if they are not technically ept in terms of the components of computing, networking etc.

This is also the same generation that has a higher suicide rate than previous generations, and despite their parents (the infamous GenXers whose pride was adulting at an earlier age); GenZers are not driving or getting a car right at 16.

GenZers are also exposed to the same GenXers, the same parents who are the Karen-types; and this generation are extremely overprotective. These people are anti-progressives, they are anti maskers, anti vaxxers, anti science, and anti anything after 1989.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you are aware of the recent Facebook fallout of the whistleblower, who was the source to The Wall Street Journal of how the Instagram coders knew what triggered the GenZers so bad, that they knew they would go on the deep end psychologically and did nothing to change the code for the safety of the people on this planet, but to get more engagement for more short term profits, of which Facebook seems to not need that cash to spend it on better coders, data centers, or to make payments to banks and bills. 

GenXers (born after 1965 to 1981, give a few year wiggleroom for some Millenial-aged who have more of a Gen-X soul or Boomers who hated their peers and related to GenX) that bragged about structure, stabilitiy, are far from that as they are middle age. These parents are the ones using their offspring’s library card to check out books they deem are “inappropriate [to their core beliefs]”. These people use rhetoric to scare the kids into compliance. They force them to be obedient. These hierarchal children have no way to express self identity, at the most critical age of development, (12 to 25 years of age).

If the parents scare them of right vs. wrong, how the hell can they be able to breathe on their own? Where can they escape? These “Karens” brag they know “the Internet” – the ‘Net being just solely on Facebook. Where can they go instead? Express themselves in images? So they go onto Instagram and Snap incognito just to do what children should have the right to, express themselves of who they are.

The irony is that these Gen-X parents, piss on the Baby Boomers’ sense of entitlement, but they think they have every right to control their children as if “my kids are my property [to my grave]” and insist they can be extensions of themselves.

With the anti vax, anti mask, anti rational control of pandemics (just look at a standard Karen’s Facebook, mostly their Wall is often flagged as false-information); how are these hierarchal children going to be something of themselves?

Is the blame have to be shared with Karen/Gen-X parents having flooring the gas pedal of aggressive parenting along with creepy, sociopaths in the world of Big Social? Is this theory the real reason why the most youngest in our productive population to be direct, fucked up mentally? Yet Jordan Peterson, Courtney Ryan, The Roommates and other manly-men preachers are unfairly blaming the victims? The victims who are still too young to grasp the real-world logic of personal responsibility because after all if they are under 25, they are still closer to a child than a fully grown adult!

Millenials are a different dynamic, GenZ are the generation I am most concerned about because it involves real-world risk to harm. We as older people need to protect the youngest productive generation and give empathy to these victims of Karens and sociopaths and not blame them!

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