Outspoken Autistic: How Will Your People Handle You on Your Worst Day?

The worst days in my life was when I was in 6th grade. The six years of elementary school for it to all go to hell in a matter of weeks. I had constant meltdowns, I was physically aggressive, and screamed, yelled, and cried often.

As I got much older, much of the other elements of the aggressions changed, and was more subtle, or more controllable. Unlike the days of 6th grade, the rough days were sporadic and less consistent.

In the last 10 years, I have been one of those guys who jumped from one program to another because of mutual conflict. But some of this resulted in one of those Worst Days ever, according to them. As a result of not forgiving the individual, they shut them out.

In the case of my last day program, I flipped out on a summer day in 2019, the one on one DSP basically gave up on me within a few months. Obviously I can’t control how she felt, but at the same time, she lacked the ability to forgive me for any of my mistakes during some of those heated moments. And it wasn’t all my fault (I mean I don’t wake up and choose to be stubborn and lack empathy because the DSM-says-so.)

What happens if I get permanent work? What happens if I have an S.O.? What happens with both see a “worst day” and give up on me? How can I accept they give up on me if they don’t have perspective? Are you telling me that I am supposed to accept that and then take more flack instead of slack?

What do you do when you have the worst day ever? Why do you get the slack, when I get the flack?


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