The [Very Last Edition of] The Weekly Zoo – 01-27-2022

Why is the show ending?

Simply. Views, or in the old media sense “ratings”. While views or ratings may not matter for someone who just likes to create content for the sake of it; a major part was it had to do somewhat with the business aspects of which The Zoo was part of. With no referrals to other businesses I run, and the time and resources to produce this on a weekly basis has become challenging. This YouTube began as ClickfoCo’s YouTube for technical support; then after that failed, it became The Clickford Zone, and later a self-branded account, to my handle.

Since the plan to divert goes as far back as the fall, I have noticed my minifig newsgathering account has tripled in YouTube subscribers in a year over year basis. The views have skyrocketed, and while some of these numbers are possibly inflated, the reality, is even with that taken into consideration, those ratings are simply better than what I did with The Zoo.

I understand I have a communication issue, and my anxiety is nortrious. I know I stutter, even with a script, and I know my audio was lousy, but I know the reason now.

I understand people are “busy” and have a life, and I know “saying-no” is OK for your own sanity, but I can’t resist myself to feel bummed. Especially if when rejection is perpetual. This may explain my severe disappointment when I hear it, because I just heard it before.

I fear things are going to get worse once things “get back to normal”, whatever “normal” is.  I am sensing a PTSD situation repeating itself in the coming months. This just manifested from the previous 22 years of blunt trauma to my soul and brain. Sadly since the pandemic, many of my peers really do not understand my frustrations only to blame it on me as if I choose to be angry and bitter and they do not understand developmental handicaps and mental health going on simultaneously. Do you really want to hear another edition of Londonderry NH Exposed?

I am leaving for both business, financial, self-loss and for my own sanity. I am loosing hope as things get worse before it even gets close to being better.


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