Clickford Note (frm. Vlob): I Told You So [Life Update]


I had published the Hopeless Autistic works, and as the system recovers from the pandemic, and I fear and loose sleep about my future. The Titanic didn’t just hit an iceburg… Shuttle Columbia didn’t just fall from outer space… Enron didn’t just randomly declare Chapter 11… so a special needs system has cracks before it falls apart too! I have given you all warning bells and it’s up to you to take action and help make change!

This superimposed against the changing business model of the Media Services as well as the cancelation of producing The Zoo. This shouldn’t been a surprise to anyone who had consumed my content in 2021, because as I did the Rewind 2021, I had seen a change in myself; that if anyone is surprised to had seen me almost loose-it just two years into the pandemic crisis would be so arrogant and dismissive.

Another Note:

South Londonderry School basically gave my mother an subconscious plan for permanent intuition by giving her so much praise it got to her head and as a result this was the price of self autonomy. The teachers and support staff were middle aged women, hitting menopause and were empty nesters and had a obscene crush on a 23 year old female. And over time, the praise that came from the IEP team put incredible damage and prolonging the permanent disability that is my autistic condition. Basically living with my mother is like being in an intuition albeit a bit more “humane”. But without the choice of friends or an S.O. or my own way of doing things. I hate the South School support team, and wished they were fired from SAU 12 and I wished they would’ve entered in a sex offender registry for having a woman crush on my mother. They turned her into a queen with zero accountability and turned this individual into a weaker male- manly enough to be the mother’s cheap man when she wants it.



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