The Lonely Birthday…

I originally posted this a year ago, as I was approaching my 34th. My 3 1/2 decades is quickly approaching. I mocked this “Happy Birthday to Yourself”  from an “autism parent” from the mid 2010s who posted a still photo of their autistic daughter alone on a birthday. If an autism parent can do it, why can I since I have the condition?

The video had been removed because I had gotten internal flack from within because I made some remarks to Mothers and Fathers Day… yet again I can’t say anything critical anymore. Freedom of Expression must be damned.

I do not want to really celebrate it. It’s a somber time in a somber world you and I live in. I do not feel so proud being so empty, and let me say I am pretty empty. If others say they aren’t good enough… well just look at my life. I missed every milestone in my life. Keyword is “every” milestone.


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