VLOB: The Emmy Award Goes to Avid Technology…


EDIT: 02-01-21: I had done some tweaks to my Avid workflow, and overall it’s been a better at exporting. It’s not as speedy as Final Cut Pro, but I love to have multiple tools to help do my job better. And since this recording, on Friday, January 29th, the Emmy to another NRCS went to The Associated Press’ ENPS platform. So everyone-is-a-winner.
Another rant the day after I bitched on Avid after that recording: I was being bombarded on social media they got an Emmy for development of a new product Newsroom Computer Systems…better known as NRCS. No Emmy for that new Media Composer tho, just some really old systems with semi fancy GUI facades! 😀
Ironically Avid got into these businesses in the early 1990s before they went to George Lucas and got the Editdroid! Before the Associated Press’ ENPS in the late 1990s, they had almost total domination in terminal or PC-based NRCS networks vis-a-vis NewsStar, Basys and some company that did NRCS for NetWare networks.
Some of the code is older than I and old as CNN itself. Network World actually did a story on Basys on their first ever issue in 1986. I guess yeah for Avid to finally get an award under their name with these legacy products.


VLOB: Dear Avid: Please Be more Software Centric


I have a lot of Avid swag because I know someone who sells one of their flagship products. Just because I have that possible conflict of interest of being biased; I think Avid had shot their foot in 2008 when a software-centric/CPU-agnostic Final Cut Pro from Apple showed how you didn’t need iron clad boxes to edit video in the 2000s! Sadly, I see Avid being one of these vendors that are fleet-quality. Much like selling Fords in the masses to customers. Large edit houses and local TV stations buy HP and Dells mixed with Nvidia boards in bulk to satisfy Avid’s HCLs. Macs in general are a mixed bag.

Running Media Composer in some ways is like running an emulated application designed for another platform of a former generation. I have not tried anything past 2019 versions because I wanted to build so much knowledge on the legacy platform. I do sense of lapse of business decisions and R&D to just *improve* with modern hardware.

Any computer made after 2010 with a midline CPU and GPU; should be able to handle lower res 720p to 1080p without much hassle. Oh wait it’s possible. Edius for PCs, Final Cut Pro for Macs, and Adobe’s Premiere. Enterprise creative pros should have choices. Freelancers should be able to get a foot in the door. Locking out the environment in both a figurative and literal sense is a really sad message that this Middlesex County company is doing. Thank you if anyone cares to hear my constructive rant.