The First L&R Episode (March 5th, 2021)

The Love & Relationships Hour began on March 5th, as a way to vent about the ongoing situation with Melanie leaving me. Due to Mel’s legal eagles, I was not recommended to talk on the air in case something Melanie felt was offensive. For the first couple of months it was called just the Relationships hour. By June 15th, it was rechristened as the Love & Relationships Hour (running at 10pm ET.)

Since the original airing, I realized the issue was not women per se, but the masculine, aggressive, Type A personalities that I had indirectly been attracted by, but not attracted to. This episode was not to indict women either. The reason why my relationship with Melanie had continued was the lack of a positive female in my life, dating back to the days in grade school, specifically in the middle school age.

L&R Hour: Steven Does a Live Reaction to an apparent pro-male feminist

A frequent caller had dropped the name Liz Plank into Steven’s brain on the November 30th episode. Steven had only little knowledge of that individual to much of his chagrin was pretty shocking to his views of himself. Steven missed her “progressive” views in midst of this cut down edit. Cuts used was an appearance on The Rising in 2019, a TEDx appearance, as well as a piece for Bloomberg digital platform. Also the Media Composer was a diva so there is more jump cuts in this clip.

L&R Hour: On The Ayottes, The Clickfords, and How they KNOW NOTHING!

As Jimmy Cramer said in August of 2007 “THEY KNOW NOTHING!”. That can be easilly applied to my paternal family, the Ayotte clan and how they knew nothing about me, my autistic condition, the lack of communication (on their end), etc. Originally streamed live on November 9th, 2021

The Zoo: L&R Hour 11-09-2021

“You may think I am a simp, but in reality, if you put me in a hypoethical   sexual situation, I maybe dominate. Never underestimate the power of an autistic!” – Steven Clickford. On family, my paternal family, my former inlaws, and other questions. Originally streamed November 9th, 2021