How NOT to talk, part two

“I am going to call that person later; so you can have your breakfast”

“We’re going to Markets Kitchen; so you can have your lunch

“Let’s go to the mall today; and return those nice cute jeans that don’t fit

Experts and “autism parents” are quick to assume the reason why parents should use minimal words that borderlines on talking in commands and headlines; is the individual whose talking is very, very wordy.

But I feel it needs to be challenged; and your gut shall be challenged too.

If you’re reading this on a standard web browser you’ll see the questionable content in italics, or past the semicolon. This is what I call word-clutter. A clusterfuck of words that insult the individuals challenges. There are hundreds and hundreds of examples of definitive semantics; followed by implicit directions; that is coming off explicit because mostly women, have to talk, kill their voice box, fill up hot air when it’s not necessary… worse…

You are insulting the intelligence of the people you work with; worse if it’s a loved one!

Implicit statements, leading into explicit statements will at some point become “instructive” which means the individual will be left to be “dependent” on the individual for direction; and causing situations to be more worse than it is.

There are jackasses on the Interwebz talking about “the rise of autism” and the “ballooning costs of autism” in the midst of COVID19. Autism is actually an condition that can’t be cured, but can be mitigated. The reason why I think so many non-verbal autistics appear to be vegitables is they have been prohibited to think on their own, because the mama-bear paraprofessionals and DSPs always complete their sentences, much like how Sean Hannity talks to Presidant Trump; when in reality Sean Hannity is basically giving words for POTUS to repeat; giving the appearance POTUS has his own intelligence.

I also do not hear this outrage from “self-advocates” because a) they are really wordy; b) they can’t speak on point (believe it or not) and c) they don’t feel this outrage.

It’s not the words you use; it’s all about how the words are positioned in your sentence. 

“I am going to call that person later”; looks over to the kitchen table

 the other person gives a thumbs up 

“We’re going to Markets Kitchen at noon”

Person lights up

“So you can get your pizza?”

Person gives an implicit signal of interest

“Let’s go to the mall today”

Person shows interest

“…and return those clothes?” (they should pause to wait for a reaction)

Person nods their head

OK, great!”

Clear, affirmative, though conversational language, that is a two-way path may help these individuals be less “dependent” on persons to help them process intelligence.

For typical Americans, we are so fucking stupid. No one can figure things out on their own. There is too much hot air, too many people talk, the loudest person is not the most trusted or person people should be listening to. People can’t talk in riddles anymore, because we have to assume the other person doesn’t have a basic wealth of knowledge. Tight use of language wasn’t taught 50 plus years ago, and rural Americans are really the worse when it comes to understanding their surroundings. The cost to take care of autistics are probably more than it needs to be… all because…

People do not know how to properly position their linguistic skills.