How NOT to talk, part two

“I am going to call that person later; so you can have your breakfast”

“We’re going to Markets Kitchen; so you can have your lunch

“Let’s go to the mall today; and return those nice cute jeans that don’t fit

Experts and “autism parents” are quick to assume the reason why parents should use minimal words that borderlines on talking in commands and headlines; is the individual whose talking is very, very wordy.

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The death of OK, and the birth of “Okay”…

If I have to blame Gen Z for something it’s the legitimacy of the use of “Okay”. I STRONGLY recommend anyone born after 1998 to please revisit your language structure and avoid using your mobile phone’s auto correct or fill, because let’s direct the word…

“OK” is technically a shortened acronym of “Okay”. It has history going back nearly 180 years in the Boston Morning Post. According to this article, it states:

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How NOT to Talk

Hey can you come closer to the phone? I can’t hear you.

I did not hear a word of what you said because there is so much noise, can you call me at another number?

Wordiness is a deadly weapon. It’s a deadly poison to the brain. It’s not about how much words, or how much less, it’s all about the lack of putting the right contexts together. Not to appear to be sexist, but women, most likely post menopausal are the worst offenders. Guys are subjected to such chatter. I am not suggesting that men and women are inherently different; it’s that they don’t emphasize their language structure. There’s actually two parts to this story, there’s the excessive use of words; and then there’s CNBC’s Sara Eisen, whose notorious for butchering the English Language!

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