From The Broken Desk of Steven…

I have written a bunch of works for several blogs and platforms over the last decade. As time has gone on, I have realized that there was several underlying things that collided, and are colliding, and is the reason of where I am today, at a point where I feel I being oppressed.

This should not come at a surprise to anyone. My written blog posts as well as recent forays into podcasts and livestreams have basically wrapped 3 different types of challenges that was documented and sadly will likely get worse before it gets better. The reason why I have (and still do) is just a verification of the Hey-I-Told-You-So… not that I want to be (always) right either.

The reason why I am not in an active relationship, the ability to have a meaningful work environment or hell the ability to have a casual social network, is either being blocked or being destroyed or worse I was engineered to fail!

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A #LondonderryLoveStory?

I grew up in my entire life from 1987-2010 in #LondonderryNH, one of the largest towns in New Hampshire by population, a town no less than 50 miles to the Zakim Bridge in Downtown Boston, Massachusetts. The town once prided itself for “rural values”. Meh!

I tell two stories of the closest things to romance. One I “missed the signal, not the noise” to only find your’s truly going through the same thing the following school year.