Apple’s Insanity of Broken Ideas…

I guess you can tell a fanboy when they bleed in six colors…

Did I used to know one?

Hi Melanie!


This in itself is a major issue plaguing Apple. They are sending cryptic messages, on one end they are a company of the post-PC world and they are living in their dark past. Why? Continue reading “Apple’s Insanity of Broken Ideas…”

Vlob: Recalling Applying for Retail at Apple Inc.

this 26 minute Vlob woke me up to how bad the social economic world became, and how I got really spooked out at how people get hired in American jobs. It was in October of 2013, that I learned the hard way; how the un/der employment numbers were likely skewed the way employers like Apple did. This also followed the time where I did adult ed, and also applied for another retail job earlier that year. It was meant to be, but after this traumatic experience, would leave me chronically unemployed till the COVID pandemic where I saw an opportunity with how retail is so desperate for jobs.