Apple’s Insanity of Broken Ideas…

I guess you can tell a fanboy when they bleed in six colors…

Did I used to know one?

Hi Melanie!


This in itself is a major issue plaguing Apple. They are sending cryptic messages, on one end they are a company of the post-PC world and they are living in their dark past. Why?

The rainbow colors supposedly offended the queer community or made the non queer community uncomfortable for using their products, and hence why Apple dropped it. 

Perhaps it was just rumors.

Everyday is a throwback or Flashback day, and Apple lives in it’s past to not move forward.

I am sorry. there are fundamental issues plaguing the company’s products, and Apple is so forward thinking that even if people love the throwbacks, does the public really want their phones to record in 4K, do invasive facial recognition, the ability to network other Macs in a local manner? This whole iCloud business is forcing Macs to be networked through a vendor’s cloud and not a customer’s on premise clouds.

Power [Mis] Management, Reliability, unified operating systems, shall be damned!

Apple, the company once prided on cross country costal flights, where one could use a PowerBook without a need to charge is no more. I do not believe in the numbers that a M1 or M2 MacBook Pro can work without a charge for 10 to 20 hours. “macOS” (the specific spelling post High Sierra, with an intent to be part of the iOS platform instead) is more closed off, while Macs were tend to be closed off unlike other operating systems, its a lot worse now, and it’s really a managed appliance with a mouse and keyboard. What I mean by this is no regular “user” can even be able to monitor in detail the battery life of a MacBook. Hell since either El Crapitan or Sierra, you do not get a time check on the battery, just a vague icon or percentage.

The trillion dollar company that is being pushed into Recordings, Cars and AI

I am making a joke that Apple is the old RCA that was known before GE bought it in 1986 for the sole purpose for buying NBC’s TV outlets; Radios, Carpets and Automobiles (consumer electronics, a company that made carpets and owned Avis for the auto rental business.) In the mid 1960s, RCA developed computer systems and could’ve upset IBM but got out of the business by the end of that decade.

Apple is the ol RCA. They are in the studio business, via Apple TV+ (but other than fanboys – how many of you are subscribing to the service? Hell I don’t have much time to sit down and watch linear TV anymore!) The daytrading pundits insist Appel should be in cars. Well that’s not in Apple’s business plan, and why would someone spend so much for a car? Apple’s AI is already existent with the current releases of Mac OS, errr macOS and iOS, err, iPad OS and iOS.

But making a TV like the iMac would be too expensive on their “margins”, or hell an Xserve for the modern day or gawd forbid a true “server” to manage Macs. A couple hundred million dollars is like loosing two billion dollars, does anyone have any perception to reality?

I am fan of tech, not a fan of Apple. I happen to use Apple products. I do not like the direction of the Post-PC era Steve Jobs implied in 2011, I do not like the reactive Tim Cook and I do not like that goddamned metrosexual known as Craig Federigi, who really is some rich caucasian with no understanding what people, the power users (sorry for being non-PC) people who actually want to do more on their computers. Apple got really lucky when Microsoft moved to Windows 7 and 10, and now Apple is the joke along with Microsoft.

And you think the free and open source world is anything to be taken seriously? No one in the FOSS world understand what a working person is doing in a production environment. These nerds are professional nerds, who don’t care about other people, who carry socialpathic agendas. They build enterprise networks like it’s a gaming network. They love other people to do complex things because they are sadistic people.

Returning back to Apple, what’s very perverted is the legitimizations of personas like the Computer Clan, who are obsessed with startup chimes, and other little-things that only fan-fiction types obsess on. For instance the renaming of the dual platform FileMaker Pro was renamed to Claris and said YouTuber got a boner basically when the announcement, but his only experience was on ClarisWorks. So for someone who got on the FMP bandwagon too late and appreciates it’s database over Access, is a bit insulted.

I write this as my iPad 4 mini, of which is 5 years old at the time of this writing is having massive battery issues on iOS 14.6, that had 45% battery life then suddenly shut down and was charging from the ground up. In that same amount of time it took for me to write this, its only at 37%.

Fast Money types are corporate whores, Fanboys can’t doesn’t understand financial markets, and Apple doesn’t understand their own products are “crap”. Sadly Apple is the “iPhone company” and many people who never used Macs don’t even know what it was like in the last 20 years. And you literally have people who are using now literally antiquated Apple products in 2021, in the days where it had literal rainbow colors. Now you tell me what’s worse?